Club Location

The Vines Pub
81 Lime Street
L1 1JQ

Meetup Times

Tuesdays 7:30
Tuesdays 6:00 (Juniors)

Contact Us

Jim Gallagher
Mobile - 07789 924983

Visitors to the Liverpool Chess Club

Liverpool Chess club has regular visitors from chess players from all over the world keen to feel the history of the club, varying from Grandmasters to club players. Visiting the club is made much easier by the location of the club in The Vines which is next to the Adelphi Hotel and close to Liverpool Lime Street station and the main Liverpool Bus Terminal

The Historical Vines Pub

The Vines pub has its own historical past which adds to the historic feel of the club. The Vines was first opened in 1867 by Albert B Vines. It was rebuilt in 1907 to the design of Walter W Thomas (April 1849 - 30 October 1912) who was a British architect who practised in Liverpool, and who specialised in designing public houses in the city.

The Vines is known to one and all as The Big House. This exuberantly baroque pub has etched glass windows, a folly tower and extravagant faux Dutch gables. Inside, in the lounge bar there is a monumental fireplace in mahogany & beaten copper. In the Queensbury Room, above the fireplace is a splendid wooden bas-relief Viking Longboats by Gustave Hiller.

Past visits of Masters to the Liverpool Chess Club

The Liverpool Chess Club has a long and proud history of hosting some of the most revered Chess players for visits and simulatenous Exhabitions ranging from way back in 1887 when Johannes Zuckertort visited, World Champion Boris Spassky's Simul in 1966, and as recent as 2017 we hosted Grand Master Gormally Simul

Johannes Zuckertort

Boris Spassky

Mikhail Botvinnik

Vasily Smyslov

International Club Members

As well as being an important part of the history and community of Liverpool, the Liverpool Chess club also has international members who regularly visit and take part in club events

Fernando Rocabado

Jakob Gerlach

M Buceta Suarez

Carl Aiyeola

Olaf Steffens