We encourage chess players of all standards including beginners to join the club and to look to improve their game

Coaching is available for groups or individuals and will cover:

Mentors are available to work with individuals on particular styles of play in club time for free!

Private Coaching - NM Roger Williamson (ECF - 2253C)

From the Aigburth Chess Club, National Master Roger Williamson is one of the top players in the county and is a well known coach in our club teaching many of our members.
Lessons are offered for £12 an hour over zoom

Contact Roger here: rogerio.mountebank7@googlemail.com

Private Coaching - Tom Carroll (ECF - 2200+)

Chess tutor Tom Carroll is available for one-to-one lessons for adult or junior players of all standards across Merseyside.

Tom is an ECF 2200+ rated player with 3 years of coaching experience and one of the best players on Merseyside.

Tom Charges £15 per hour and can be contacted here:


Club Library

The club also boasts a comprehensive library of books on all topics which is available to all members


A fantastic free site for developing your game

Have a try and practice on Lichess here


great tool for learning with lots of free material

Find a chessable course here

Opening Repertoire

A great read from Dr.David Regis of the Exeter Chess Club recommending 4 opening systems:

Four opening systems to start with By Dr. David Regis

Chesskid.com (from chess.com)

Chesskid.com is available and recommended to all juniors


Benefits of Coaching

  • Club Library
  • One to One and group coaching
  • Opening Theory
  • Middle Game objectives
  • Winning in the end game
  • Computer software

Coaching Types

Group Coaching Sessions

Group coaching sessions will focus on key fundamentals of the game

One on One Coaching

Looks at your own game and next stages of development required